Step 1: Purchase Amazon Coins Bundle.

Stock up on Amazon Coins bundles first. While you can purchase Amazon Coins at the same time you buy in-game purchases, getting Amazon Coins ahead of time will preload your account, saving you time and hassle when you're immersed in the game.

Note: Amazon Coins can be purchased at any time both on and within the Clash of Clans store (when Clash of Clans is downloaded through the Amazon Appstore).

Step 2: Sync your Clash of Clans progress into your Supercell ID account.

Before downloading the Amazon Appstore on your phone, make sure you sync your account via Supercell ID if you haven't already. In order to switch between devices seamlessly without worrying about losing game progress, it’s recommended to load your game progress using Supercell ID instead of Google Play or Facebook.

How to check that your game process is synced to your Supercell ID account:

  1. From the home screen, tap the icon located on the right side on the screen.
  2. You will be taken to a Supercell ID login window. From there, simply log in with your Supercell ID username and password.
Step 3: Download the Amazon Appstore using your device.

Preparing to download the Amazon Appstore

To make sure you can properly install the Amazon Appstore, you’ll have to update your phone settings by turning on “unknown sources.”

To do this, go to Settings → Security and toggle “Unknown sources” to “ON.”

This app is built by Amazon. It is perfectly safe to add to your Android device.

Downloading the Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore is essential if you want to be able to purchase in-game purchases for Clash of Clans at a discount.

You can use the link below to download the Amazon Appstore (please be aware this app is not available through the Google Play store).

After following the above URL, tap “Download the Amazon Appstore.” This will prompt an .APK file to download onto your phone.

When the download is complete, run the .APK file to install the Amazon Appstore app.
Complete the installation process.
Once the Amazon Appstore has finished installing, open the app.

Step 4: Open the Amazon Appstore for Android, sign in to your Amazon account, and download Clash of Clans.

To Download Clash of Clans:

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Appstore app with your Amazon account (if you do not have one, you will need to create one).
  2. Clash of Clans should download automatically. If it doesn’t, you can always find it by typing “Clash of Clans” into the search bar on top.
  3. Find, select, and install Clash of Clans.

Note: You will have 2 versions of Clash of Clans - one from the Google Play store and one from the Amazon Appstore. You never have to worry about your game progress because it will always be up to date, as long as you have a Supercell ID account.

Step 5: Buy in-game purchases and start saving.

Great! Once you’ve logged into your Supercell ID account, you’re just one step away from using Amazon Coins to start saving on in-game purchases.

  1. In Clash of Clans, visit the Shop by tapping either the “+” button by the in-game purchases, or going to “Shop.”
  2. Select what you want to purchase.
  3. Purchase at a discount with your Amazon Coins.
  4. Now, when you buy in-game purchases, you’ll automatically be presented with the option to purchase with your Amazon Coins and save.

Note: There is a sales tax, so you may need to purchase more Amazon Coins than the value of the in-game purchases to pay for the whole thing.